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If both ears need amplification, your audiologist will recommend two hearing aids. Research has shown that two hearing aids provide superior benefits for the majority of people with regard to better word recognition in quiet and noisy backgrounds, better quality of sound, better localization ability, more natural hearing. Research has also shown that when both ears are candidates for hearing aids and only one ear is fitted, the unaided ear may lose speech recognition ability more rapidly than the fitted ear.

Avenir Hearing provides a three-year manufacturer warranty on all hearing aids. This warranty provides no-cost coverage for all manufacturer defects and repairs caused by regular usage of the hearing aid.

A loss and damage insurance policy is included with your initial hearing aid purchase. We strongly recommend that clients add their hearing aids to their home insurance policy once the included loss and damage policy has expired.

Medicare does not pay for hearing aids. The Province of New Brunswick does have a hearing aid program under the Department of Social Development for New Brunswickers in provincial nursing homes and offers financial assistance to those that qualify under the same department.

As for coverage for hearing aids via insurance plans, there are several plans that offer various amounts of coverage ranging from $300 all the way up to full coverage. We encourage all clients to read their current insurance policy to ensure they take full advantage of any coverage available.

Once it has been established that you may be a candidate for support under a Canadian Workers’ Compensation Program and regardless of the Province where you have worked, we will be pleased to guide and accompany you in the process of application for support. Our dedicated front-end staff have developed a superb expertise in navigating the complex and often lengthy application process. They will provide you with appropriate information packages and if needed help you complete the forms to streamline and expedite matters.

Battery life varies depending on the size of the battery and the type of hearing aid that it is used to power. Usually, the bigger the battery, the longer it will last and the more advanced a hearing aid the more it will require power from the battery. A small size 10 battery will last anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending in which hearing aid it is placed. The larger size 675 battery can last last for up to 2 weeks. However, the average life span of battery is 7 days. The monthly cost for hearing aid batteries is approximately $5 per month per aid.

Avenir Hearing has been a major part of a new program that is changing the hearing aid industry in Canada. You are now able to rent your new hearing aids via hearingaidrental.ca. This program offers complete peace of mind! For a monthly fee, you will not only get brand new hearing aids but also free batteries, free repairs and hearing aid checks. This has become the option of choice for almost half of our clients.

Yes! We believe that one reason you are choosing Avenir Hearing as your hearing health expert is that you expect to be seen by a trusted professional that is provincially certified to practice in New Brunswick. All our locations have a clinical audiologist and you will always be seen by an Avenir audiologist for your audiological care. He or she won’t just be there for the initial assessment but for the long run!

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