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We’re so much more than the hearing aids we fit. We’re a team of compassionate audiologists and staff that offers the expertise, personal service, and ongoing support that it takes to truly experience success with better hearing. Every single person who works here is inspired and motivated to serve with a passion. Our ultimate goal is to offer high quality care in a clean, modern and comfortable setting while maintaining a friendly, neighbourhood feel.

Avenir Experience

Integrated Approach

We want to understand your hearing loss and the impact that it can have on your quality of life. We often involve family members and other health professionals to ensure we have a complete picture of your hearing health.

Compassionate People

The quality and compassion of our people is what makes Avenir Hearing stand out. Over the last fifteen years, we have assembled a group of caring and devoted individuals who make you and your hearing health their utmost priority.

Patient Centered

We’ve realized that what makes our jobs rewarding and fulfilling is when we achieve better hearing health for our clients. That is why we focus on their needs and how their hearing loss affects them, their family members and friends.

Modern Environment

Your comfort is a priority. We offer high quality care in a clean, modern setting while maintaining a neighbourhood feel. You are always greeted with a smile, treated with respect, and focused on from the moment you step foot through our door.

Expert Clinicians

The best in the business! Our professionals are accredited and licensed audiologists that have decades of clinical experience in both the public and private sector. We attract quality professionals because our mission speaks to them.

Hearing Aid Rental Program

Our Hearing Aid Rental Program helps patients worry less about the upfront purchase price of a quality device and associated maintenance costs by providing the option to rent with an affordable, all-inclusive monthly payment.

Our Beliefs


Early diagnosis is key.

Early diagnosis and intervention can profoundly impact the lives of those with hearing loss.


Give back to your community.

We believe we have a duty to serve and support our community.


Learn and Educate.

We must play a leading role in educating the public about all matters related to better hearing health.


Caring is the most powerful strategy.

Caring more isn’t our marketing message, it’s our total company way of being.

Our Team

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Dr. Denis LeBlanc

Audiologist, President
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Pauline LeBlanc

M.Sc.S. Aud(C)
Audiologist, Partner
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Dr. Jérémie Chiasson

Audiologist, Partner
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Joline Coomber

M.Sc. Partner
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André Lafargue

M.Sc. Aud (C)
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Nadine Jacob

M.Sc. Aud(C)
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Laudia LeBlanc

M.O.A. Aud(C)
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Samantha A. Deveau

Hearing Instrument Practitioner
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Gail Dornan

B.N., Aud(c)

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Anne Gallagher

M.SC., Aud(c)
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Louis Vachon

M.O.A., B.SC.,B.A.

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Evan Phinney

M.SC., Aud(c)

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